6 Best Loan Apps in India for a Personal Loan in 2021

Loan Apps

Loan apps have become extremely common because of their user-friendliness and instant loan features. Gone are the days when you needed to visit a bank or financial institution to apply for a loan. Loan apps simplify the loan application process, allowing you to apply for a personal loan from your house. Loan apps also offer flexible EMI schemes and instant loan approval features. The following are the best loan apps in India.

Fullerton India Loan App

Fullerton India’s Instaloan app is one of the most trusted and preferred instant loan apps in India. The app offers a smooth loan application and approval process. Thus, borrowers need not wait for days to get their loans sanctioned.

The loan application procedure is also quite simple, and borrowers can use them without any help or guidance. Every step is mentioned in detail in the app, and the borrower is just required to follow this. The loan amount sanctioned by this app is transferred directly to the borrower’s account, and thus, they need not worry about how they would receive the loan amount.


  • It is a user-friendly app with guided instructions at every step to ease the user’s journey
  • This paperless loan app allows you to seamlessly upload documentation for processing
  • The entire loan application process is digitized for an effortless and convenient borrowing experience.

Credy Loan App

Credy is one of the fastest loan apps in India, and its instant approval of loan applications makes it a favorite amongst people. The loan amount is sent to the borrower’s account within 48 hours. Credy also has a user-friendly interface, and borrowers can apply for a loan through a few simple steps.


  • Borrowers can apply for an instant loan using the Credy app within five minutes.
  • Individuals can borrow up to 1 lakh instantly by using this app.
  • The app has easy payback options through affordable EMI options.
  • The borrower needs to submit his financial statement, and all the verifications are done by the app automatically. Thus, it is a more hassle-free process.

MoneyTap Loan App

MoneyTap is one of India’s most popular loan apps because of its range of amenities and user-friendliness. Unlike most other instant loan apps, borrowers can apply for a minimum loan of 3000 rupees. The maximum amount goes up to 5 lakhs. However, the low minimum loan amount and its vast range have attracted several borrowers to this app.


  • One of the most significant benefits of MoneyTap is its flexible EMI options. EMI options range from 2-36 months giving the borrower considerable time to repay his loan.
  • Borrowers also receive lucrative offers and tax benefits. For instance, borrowers can shop at 0% EMI from Amazon and other e-commerce sites.
  • The app is highly secured and hence preferred by several borrowers as the loan application procedure might involve uploading sensitive documents.

Kreditbee Loan App

KreditBee provides loans to borrowers without collaterals. Borrowers can apply for a personal loan worth 2 lakh and get it transferred directly to their bank account. The app also has different loan schemes based on the income of the borrowers.


  • Borrowers enjoy a minimum documentation loan application process
  • The app has flexible interest rates starting from 0% to 2.49% per annum.
  • Borrowers also want a flexible loan repayment tenure that varies from 62 days to fifteen months.

MoneyView Loan App

MoneyView is a quick loan app that helps you manage your budget and assist in timely loan repayment. The app has finance tracking software to read messages you receive from your bank account and provide essential insights.


  • MoneyView is one of the fastest loan apps that helps you receive a loan amount of up to 5 lakhs within two hours
  • The money is directly sent to the borrower’s bank account
  • Borrowers can track their finances and budget using this app.

EarlySalary Loan App

EarlySalary is a quick loan app that offers personal loans to individuals with no credit history. Individuals having a monthly salary of 18000 or above can use this app to apply for loans. Thus, this app is beneficial for first-time borrowers who have no credit history.


  • Borrowers can use EarlySalary to shop on various e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Flipkart, Big Basket, and many others.
  • Borrowers can receive loans up to 2 lakhs within ten minutes of their loan application.
  • The app has a user-friendly and straightforward loan application process.


There are several loan apps to help you apply for an instant loan. However, the apps mentioned above are the best and most popular loan apps in India. Borrowers prefer these loans because of their quick and instant loan facilities, along with several other benefits. Remember, it is also crucial to ensure the security of the loan app you use to keep your documents safe, and thus, it would be best to select the loan apps that are used commonly.


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