How to Transfer Data, Files and Folders from PC to PC

Transfer Data

We create, edit and store different files on our smartphones and then back up them on our PCs once we run out of space. When we run out of space on our PCs, we take backup of our files on our external storage devices or USB drives. There are times when we want to migrate data from one PC to another but it’s not an easy task.

There are different manual processes that can help you transfer data. Not all users are aware of how to transfer files from PC to PC. Here in this article, we have revealed the processes of how to transfer data, how to backup data, or how to access data from different locations. Syncing the same account on multiple devices can also help you access data from remote locations. Here’s how we do it!

 How to Transfer Files Using USB Cable

USB Cable

The ultimate solution to transfer files from PC to PC is using a USB 3.0 Type-A cable. You can connect one end of the cable to PC A and the other end to PC B and both the PCs and their folders are accessible as network drives. These cables come with an Easy Computer Sync Setup disk that we can install on our computer to create a homegroup.

If your computer doesn’t have a CD/DVD Drive, you can download the setup file from the website and connect both the PCs with each other. Once the PCs are discoverable on both PCs, we can initiate the data transfer. Copy files from PC A and paste them on PC B. the transfer console will allow you to sync files or transfer data from an old computer to a new computer.

How to Transfer Data Using External Hard Drive

The External Hard Drive allows you to copy and migrate data from one device to another. It is an easy source to migrate your personal data, files, folders, documents, photos, music, movies and more.

Step 1. Connect the External Hard Drive to your old computer.

Step 2. Explore the drive and open two interfaces of Windows Explorer.

Step 3. Select and copy files from your source drive and paste them into the destination drive.

Step 4. Once the transfer is complete, right-click on the USB icon in the system tray and Exit the USB Drive. This will safely eject the external USB Drive.

Step 5. Now connect the External Hard Drive to the new PC to transfer data on the new computer. Follow the same process and this time, the source drive will be the External Drive and the destination storage will be the PC Hard Drive.

“Please Note: This process will only help you transfer files, folders, data, documents, photos, music, movies and other files but will not help you transfer System Files and Settings. Your new PC will not boot with the old PC settings.”

How to Transfer Files Using Cloud Backup

Cloud storage is a little expensive yet secured method to transfer files from one computer to another. You can sync multiple devices with the same cloud account to access the same files on your device handy.

There are different cloud storage drives like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and others that offer a limited free trial. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free trial space with every Google account, while OneDrive offers 5 GB and Dropbox offers 2 GB of free space. You can always extend the storage space with a paid subscription.

Cloud Backup

You can upload files, documents, photos, movies, music, and more from your old PC and download the same on your new PC. You can exchange files between your Smartphones, PCs, Laptops, Servers, and other devices.

Other Modes to Transfer Data

Transfer Data

There are other modes of data transfer that allow you to transfer applications and associated files. Data transfer is easy however the process to Transfer Microsoft Office To Another Computer is a little tricky. You can create a shared folder on your network and transfer files from one device to another. Windows Shared Folder allows you to access and transfer unlimited data between all the devices connected to the same network.

How to Transfer Data Using Third-Party Software

There are dozens of third-party applications to transfer data from one device to another. You can make use of the best application to transfer files from one PC to another PC. EaseUS Todo PCTrans is one of the best data transfer software that can help you transfer unlimited data just with a few clicks.

Transfer Data Using Third Party Software

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is compatible to transfer data from different resources, Migrate apps with app data, Backup and Restore files, perform System Cleanup, Large File Cleanup, App Management, and more.

Summing Up

This article on how to transfer files from PC to PC has multiple manual methods to migrate data between all the devices. The manual method is good to transfer limited data from one device to another however if you are replacing your PC, there is a need for the best data transfer software to transfer files between multiple devices. Sync everything and access anything anywhere with data sync!


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