A Web Design Agency’s Diary: “Failed” Websites and the TOP 5 Lessons

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At first, the thought of doing something is just riding within you. A small business where you can finally be your own master, no boss, no constraints. Sounds good, right? Then you keep playing with the idea and you realize you need a website because it still gives a company a level compared to other competitors who have “only” Facebook pages or not at all. For more than 2 years, I have been dealing with my small business clients and those who did not start their website, webshop, in the “cap” of a Web Design Agency Dubai.

As a result, I see the time has come to share lessons that almost no one talks about, even though I think it would have saved many, many entrepreneurs from disappointment.

# 1: Should You Reach out to Best Web Design Agency Dubai ??? Don’t expect a nice website from someone who specializes in repairing laptops and can design a website also.

First, it is important to clarify the concepts. The developer is coding. The computer coder is either building a network or tidying up your laptop. The web designer… yes has to code BUT at the same time doing creative work.

So choose well who you work with so that there is no end to disappointment.

# 2: A website design is not an IKEA piece of furniture to put together with someone and then just be.

Imagine having your garden built by a gardener. Beautiful lawn, beautiful flowers, freshly varnished bench, playground for children. Sounds good, right? Then a big rain comes and the weeds peek out between your beautiful flowers, the grass reaches your ankles, and the swings of the playground start to show traces of the weather and use. What do you do? It would be a shame not to care because it was so beautiful in the beginning, right?

I don’t think I’ll reveal a big secret after that when I say the website isn’t much different either. Instead of random thunderstorms, hail, frost, and scorching sunshine, WordPress , template, and plug-in updates arrive from time to time.

For both WordPress and the template and extensions, many eCommerce website development Dubai are working day in and day out to make their “product” prettier, better, less vulnerable, and error-free.

When they are done with the fix, the administration interface of your website will indicate “ haha, we are ready with a new version, please update for this ”. If you do not upgrade, you will open the door to possible errors, inconsistent operation.

I have listed so much that can be updated that I have to talk about the common co-operation of these things, that is, their “consistency”. Because they might collide – it’s in the deck.

What is the solution?

  • You’ll learn the ins and outs of updating a website, and you’ll do these updates every 1 but no more than 3 months, and you’ll resolve any issues you may have (or quickly find someone to help).
  • You entrust the update to a professional Web Design Agency Dubaiwho, if you do your job well, will check back to see if your website has slipped apart.

What happens if you don’t maintain your page?

Maybe nothing. But it could also be that the whole thing is crawling on the screen, even though, for example, “only” the cache should be emptied.

And why do I recommend a maximum of a quarter?

Because my experience is that for websites where I haven’t logged in to the administration page for more than 3 months, there are quite a few alerts waiting to be made, no updates have been made, and the page may have deteriorated over time. But it can also be that all pumpkins are good. That’s what IT systems are – and that’s what I’m really saying now. Sometimes technology could break down.

What you need to see is that behind these chilli lines of code running every minute of the day and yes you have to run into errors. (Thinking further, for example, no codes run behind a blender, but it doesn’t get any worse, at least in general.)

Okay, so what’s the point?

Always check with your web design agency Dubai or even others for experiences and suggestions about the issue of regular website maintenance .

# 3 A Web Design Agency Dubai is looking for a long-term client, just like a good hairdresser

A website is good if it is constantly updated. Why?

Because I think a business can work well if

  • can be constantly renewed, and
  • you can come up update new services and products.

And you can publish them on your website, for example, in a pop-up window, a new banner, or anything else that instantly tells the visitor, “Come, check out this promotion / novelty!”.

So either you learn the basics you need to actualize a website (which I think is a good thing if someone has a little IT sense!) Or you entrust the Web Development Companies in Dubai with it.

And here I would go back to the previous topic of website maintenance – in many cases it is done by the web design agency.

# 4 If you want a website, you have to reckon with additional annual or ad hoc costs

I don’t know the time since I wanted to introduce the phrase “THE WEBSITE OF THE WEBSITE” to the public consciousness . Because yes, there are. The way you pay for insurance and your electricity bill. Something for something.


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